Analytics Strategy


Many analytics and optimization efforts are disconnected from business strategy. This leads to reactive programs where “squeaky wheels” set priorities. We help companies keep their analytics and optimization programs in line with business goals.

Here are a few ways we can help

  • Analytics Strategy Workshop:

    when you need focused time with your team to become more proactive and less reactive


  • KPI Architecture:

    when you want to create a reporting structure that communicates the right metrics to the right decision makers

  • KPI Benchmarks and Targets:

    when you want to set goals for each KPI so you can start focusing your efforts on moving the right needles


  • Governance and Planning:

    when you want to put processes in place to control chaos and still be able to respond quickly to stakeholder needs

Our Process*

*With each of our clients, we take a process-based, scientific approach to build out an effective execution plan for you.

Step No.

01. Discovery + Design

No matter the solution we’re involved with, it’s crucial that stakeholders understand how analytics strategies are influenced, and driven by, business objectives. During this phase, we may conduct interviews, document KPIs, gather requirements, update an existing Solution Design Reference (or create a new one), and build out analytics and QA test plans. This crucial discovery phase creates a foundation that can persist as your company continues to grow and change.

Step No.

02. Implementation + Validation

After determining that business objectives are aligned to analytics (and creating necessary documentation), this is where we build out test plans, write tech specs, create deployment guides, configure report suites, or build data visualizations, conduct QA, and deploy solutions.

Step No.

03. Analysis + Governance

It’s critical that businesses and stakeholders understand not only what’s being collected, but how the data is governed. During this phase, we setup reporting and make sure that the team understands how to use the data.

Step No.

04. Knowledge Transfer

What use are analytics systems, data visualizations, strategies, or tools that your team doesn’t know how to use? This phase ties together the pieces to make sure that people are trained, understand what’s happening, and can use the tools that lead to real results and huge ROIs.

Step No.

05. Growth + Next Steps

In any engagement, Numeric is keeping an eye on industry trends to recommend and help you identify how to grow and expand your analytics practice. During this phase, we’ll walk through ideas we have and consult on best practices, using all available information to lead you up the analytics maturity curve.

Data is in our DNA.

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Analytics Strategy

Align analytics and optimization with business goals

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Tool Implementation

Ensure that digital marketing tools are implemented using best practices

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