We have a new design for our website, in many ways it has been re-imagined. The central theme is how our work connects us to people. This can be understood from a few perspectives. First, we think about our relationships with you, our client. We find that for shorter projects or long, multi-year engagements, our success is always enhanced by understanding your goals and style as well as how these fit into your larger corporate environment. Often, it is more important to think about how to engage the right stakeholders and how to communicate plans and progress throughout the organization than it is to design the solution technically. We understand the human dimension to the work we do and we keep this firmly in view as we work with you for a successful outcome.

Related to this concept is that we know that each solution we design is unique. Of course we have approaches and methods we have used previously and that accelerate our solution delivery. However, we know that the final mile, where the small nuances of your business emerge, is where the true value of the solution lies. So, we don’t stop short. We don’t give you pat answers that the tool just can’t do what you are looking to do. We find solutions. We will customize and tinker to get it right for you. It’s personal for us, and we are invested in making it work for you.

The people images on our website also serve to highlight that you are in the business of serving your customers. Your customers are real people that use your product or service. They are people that walk to retail shops and take buses to work; use mobile devices and desktop computers during the day; and come home at night to surf on a tablet. We know that to truly serve your customer, you must work to connect all this activity into one profile. This is the full view of your customer, as we say, a 360 degree view. It’s messy and non-linear, omni-channel and multi-device and we need to be thinking about the whole customer journey.

Finally, our redesigned website uses more images because we are passionate about how pictures can tell powerful stories. We know that using an image not only connects you with your audience, but also reduces their defensiveness and skepticism so that they will truly listen to you. This is the ultimate goal of all the work that we do. Any insight we uncover, any patterns in the data we find, ultimately need to tell a story about something you can do to impact your business. Instead of sharing reports and dashboards, we need to elevate our communication. We need to connect with the people in our businesses to inspire change, experimentation and growth.

We hope you’ll explore our new site, read our latest blog articles, ask our experts about pressing challenges that are keeping you up at night. We look forward to hearing from you!