ALERT: Is your organization using Adobe Tag Manager (ATM 1.0-2.0)?
If you don’t know the answer to this, we can help you with that, too!

 We are a Specialized Adobe Partner in Analytics – one of only 4 global partners to achieve this status with Adobe – we have deep experience on their products.

As you know, Tag Management has really grown up in the past five years. It is no longer just a container to manage various marketing tags, it is the core of a company’s personalization strategy. When Adobe purchased Satellite in 2012, it was an acknowledgement of this shift. Adobe put all of their resources behind Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) and integrated it deeply into the Marketing Cloud.

What that means for current ATM customers is that there is urgency around determining your tag management plans going forward. As of August, 1st, Adobe has ceased allowing updates in the ATM interface, so you can no longer change or update your tags. On October 1st, Adobe will complete their sunset of ATM – this means that as a customer, you will no longer have access to your tagging solution code.

If you want to leverage any of your current tagging solution, you need to act now. We are actively working with customers today on bridging strategies to enable them to not get caught empty handed when Adobe makes their changes. We can document your tag solution, so that it’s not completely gone as of October 1st. We can also provide options for what to do to migrate to either DTM or another Tag Management solution.

We know that data is at the core of your business and no one can afford to lose access to their analytics tracking for their business. Give us a call today to discuss your options, Rick Neigher,, 818.597.9029 (PDT).