We have spent the last ten years helping our clients resolve marketing and analytics challenges. Sometimes, this involves implementing an analytics tool – back in 2006, we were handling hundreds of Omniture (soon to be Adobe Analytics) implementations. Marketers knew that the ability to measure what they were doing would be critical to their evolution. From here we moved into testing and optimization, data integrations and visualizations, finding insights and storytelling.

Today, the complexity continues to evolve as Marketing and IT determine strategies to work collectively to identify systems and solutions that will empower the organization and create efficiencies and personalization for their customers.  However, this is challenging as technology solutions are proliferating and integrations are essential as we continue to push for one view of the customer across all channels and devices.

A common thread here, is how do organizations adapt to our rapidly changing environment? What structures are new that need to be supported and what models no longer serve the organization effectively?

All this is to say that we want to sit down with you and listen. You are on the front lines in the industry, facing demands and responding to customer needs. We support many clients on a daily basis, but we believe it’s a priority to hear from a broad spectrum of customers about what keeps them up at night. Additionally, we believe that by bringing people together, we can find shared issues and discuss approaches and build understanding.

So, our national Digital Marketing “It’s just dinner (or lunch)” tour kicks off in December – and it has two objectives. First,  our aim is hosting small, intimate gatherings that truly facilitate conversation. So, we can truly listen and learn together.

Second, is to make time for these conversations – so we are scheduling them over lunch or dinner.  We are all pressed for time and often when we schedule a business meeting in the office fire drills take precedence over the best laid plans. So, our lunch and dinner series is designed to be convenient, but to get us all out of our offices.

We are selecting venues that will allow us to relax, share a good meal and discuss what is on our minds. There is no presentation, no sales pitch – -which is why we are calling the series, “It’s just dinner (or lunch)”. Truly our aim is to connect and check-in.

What’s in it for you?

  • A good meal
  • Networking with local colleagues
  • An opportunity to ask questions or discuss your challenges
  • Gaining insights on Digital Marketing trends that you can share with colleagues

We look forward to seeing you as we schedule these across the country throughout 2016.